Once upon a time there lived a priest. He was a great astrologer and all his predictions came out to be true. Within a year he became so popular that people from nearby villages also started to approach him.

Seeing his predictions come true, people started donating him huge amount of money. Soon he became one of the wealthiest person in the kingdom.

A few months later, the king heard about the priest and called him in his palace.

‘Greetings your highness,’ said the priest.

‘Please have your seat.’ said the king. ‘I have heard that you can exactly determine the future. Is it true?’ asked the king.

‘Yes your excellency!’ said the priest confidently.

‘That’s great. I will ask you three questions and you will have to predict the future. If all of them are correct then I will declare you as the grand priest of the kingdom but if any of them turns out to be wrong then you will be hanged to death,’ declared the king.

‘As you say your highness. I accept your challenge,’ said the priest.

‘So here is your first question. There is an earthen-pot kept inside my private chamber which is surrounded by a rectangular glass box. Can anything except water go inside the pot?’ asked the king.

‘Yes,’ replied the priest.

The king laughed upon him and asked him the second question. ‘At what time will I wake up tomorrow.’

‘Your highness, you will wake up at 5 in the morning,’ said the priest calmly.

The king’s lips twitched and his eyelids fluttered and he asked his last question. ‘Will it be sunny or rainy tomorrow?’

The priest smiled and said ‘Your highness, it will rain tomorrow.’

The king and all his ministers began to laugh like monsters as it was the hottest month of the year and there had been no rainfall since the last two months.

‘I must tell you that all your answers have the least probability to occur and since you are bound to lose, you can return to your home. I exempt you from the punishment,’ mocked the king.

‘You don’t need to your highness! I will either become the grand priest or accept death.’ said the priest with a smile across his face.

The king was quite amazed to see the trust that the priest had on himself and allowed him to stay in the guest house of the palace. As usual, the king slept with his ministers on the terrace under the twinkling stars.

In the morning, the king woke up when his daughter splashed water on his face. For a moment the king thought it was raining but soon came to know that it was the festival of colours, Holi. Everyone wished him on the auspicious day and the king too reciprocated the favour.

While coming down, he saw the clock which read 5 am and was astonished to see two of the prophecies to come true. Finally he went to his private chamber to dress in his royal attire. As soon as he opened up the doors, his son wished him and immediately threw a balloon filled with water towards him. The king ducked and the balloon hit the rectangular glass box kept behind him. The collision was so strong that it shattered the glass and some pieces fell inside it.

The king looked in awe. He couldn’t believe that all the prophecies of the priest were true. He organised a grand ceremony on the occasion of Holi and at the end declared the priest as the grand-priest of the kingdom.


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