So here is a book which defies all genres. A love story which moves to and fro in the most unexpected manner. Why unexpected? Because it moves back and forth in time. A time traveller’s story who falls in love with a girl in the past.


The story revolves around Toby Sezoe, a time traveller who falls head over heels in love with a beautiful girl named Lisa who lived in the past. Toby as a time traveller travels to the past to know about how people lived at that time, to know the lineage of the pharaohs etc. While in the process, Toby rediscovers the feeling of love that had been long-lost in his time as people didn’t care for pity topics like love and care for others. The end is quite fascinating where the author links the characters of the book with various famous personalities and effortlessly explains the crux of our life.

In short the book describes that we are all characters of the same play and puppets bound by the same thread.


  1. The use of correct scientific principles adds to the charm of the book. For example the book describes that when Toby comes to the past, he is invisible to all as they are transported in waveforms which lie in the ultraviolet band but Lisa has a special ability due to which she could even see the ultraviolet spectrum.

2. The best part of the book is the epilogue which connects the dots. It describes that we are nothing more than puppets in the hands of time and we as wanderers flow in its endless continuum.


1.The editing could have been better.

2.The story is quite refreshing and new but it could have been told in a better style.


Grab your copies now.

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