Here is one of the best books that I have read in the recent past. ‘Life and the Grey Notes’ by Mayank S. Sengar consists of 10 short stories where the author connects human emotions with varied events, objects, places etc and makes you realise that each and every person’s life is as important and filled with diversities and variations as that of Newton or Bill Gates.


If I have to describe about the book in one word then it is ‘AWESOME’. It consists of intricately woven stories that describe about the so called mundane events in our lives and how they are as important as the falling down of Newton’s apple which bought a paradigm shift in our world. It’s just that we don’t realise the fact that our complexities are equivalent to those faced by highly deemed scientists and billionaires.


1. The book is crystal clear without any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

2. The title is apt as the book shows a mirror to the reader. It neither talks about the idealistic nor the cunning facets of life rather it gives a realistic outlook to the reader.

3. The best part of the book is the flow with which each story moves and the moral it imparts at the end. It starts off with some natural event or a brutal reality that exists in the world and then the author connects it with a contemporary story which I am sure will connect to all.

4. The message at the end of each story are well thought off and justify it completely.


1. There are no demerits except the front cover. I can understand that the author wants to convey the intricacies in life by showing a complex network of wires but it is not eye-catchy.


I wanted to give a 10/10 to this book but I am taking away 0.1 for its ‘not so eye catchy’ front cover.

Grab your copies now.


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