Once the government decided to lay down railway tracks to connect two cities. There were two big mountains that stood in the path. One among them was harsh and the other was gentle.

‘I will not let them lay railway tracks across me,’ said the harsh mountain.

‘It will help people to travel between the two cities. What problem do you have with it?’ asked the gentle mountain.

‘I don’t care about that. I don’t want humans to hamper my natural beauty and thus I will not let them put railway tracks over me,’ said the harsh mountain.

‘We have been home to so many trees, animals and birds so why can’t you adjust a little for humans,’ asked the gentle mountain.

‘Why should I adjust for someone else? As far as the trees, animals and birds are concerned, they do not cause any sort of disruption which is the reason I allow them to stay in me but as far as humans are concerned, they want to destroy my natural habitat by laying down railway tracks. I will live on my terms and will not let anybody to use me only for their own well-being,’ said the harsh mountain.

‘Don’t be so arrogant my friend. We have been standing on the same location since time immemorial and will continue to do so. Humans or other beings will come and go but we will remain till eternity so don’t worry about the disruption that they will cause,’ said the gentle mountain.

After a few days, a team of engineers arrived at the place where the two mountains stood. Initially they started to lay down railway tracks across the gentle mountain. It allowed them to do so and within a few days, their work was complete.

After that, they decided to lay the tracks on the harsh mountain but failed miserably. It regularly caused landslides due to which the tracks were heavily damaged. Seeing so much of financial loss and danger to the life of workers who lay down the tracks, the team of engineers had no other choice than to detonate the mountain.

Next day, the engineers placed numerous dynamites all across the mountain and detonated due to which it was blown into pieces and finally the railway tracks were laid down.


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