Once upon a time there was a boy who ate a lot. Everybody including his parents, teachers and friends tried to explain him about the ill effects of being fat but he didn’t pay heed to them.

Days passed on and his belly got fatter. He became so fat that he even couldn’t bend down to tie his shoe laces. He began neglecting the yoga sessions and also didn’t go out to play with his friends.

His parents tried to control his appetite but all in vain as he would cry all day long and tear his books apart.

After a few months he became even fatter due to which his legs were no longer able to bear his weight and thus he was restricted to his bed. As a result he quit his studies and lay on the bed all day long.

His parents grew concerned about his health and thus called a doctor. The doctor checked him and gave a detailed analysis to his parents. He gave them a long list of medicines and told them to strictly monitor their child’s eating habits.

Poor parents tried whatever they could to save their child from the evident danger. His mother left her job only to look after her son. She struggled to prepare healthy food in the most delicious manner but he ate junk food as usual.

One day, he suffered a major heart attack. He was rushed to the city hospital where he was operated for the whole day. By God’s grace he survived but was kept under strict vigilance of a team of nutritionists.

Numerous articles were written on him in various newspapers and his case was discussed all over the media and internet. Students were advised on how to lead a healthy life and to avoid the consumption of junk food. Various nutritionists quoted the fat boy and gave lectures on the ill effects of being obese.

Thus the fat boy was mocked in the whole society and he was abhorred by his friends.


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