Once upon a time there were two friends, Nivaan and Nyra. They were best friends since childhood. One day, they decided to go for a trip to a small Himalayan town which had a beautiful landscape. It was surrounded by snow-covered peaks and tall pine trees.

It was a very calm, quiet and serene place. Upon reaching the rest house, they went to a nearby temple to pray to God and decided to see whose prayer was first answered.

Nivaan went in northern direction whereas Nyra went to the west. As time passed by, Nivaan felt very hungry but he had nothing to eat. He prayed to God and suddenly he saw a handkerchief full of peas.

He quickly grabbed it, thanked God and ate to his heart’s content.

Later it grew dark but he didn’t find a place to take shelter. Once again he prayed to God and suddenly a bed appeared out of nowhere. He thanked God and slept until the sun rose high in the sky.

Next day, he closed his eyes and prayed for a friend. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see a group of boys coming towards him. He chatted with them and had a good time.

Suddenly, Nivaan realised that all his prayers were answered by God. After 10 days, Nivaan and his new friends decided to go back to their home.

Before leaving the place, his friends asked him, ‘Did you come here alone?’.

Nivaan was speechless, as he recollected about Nyra whom he had forgotten long ago.

Suddenly, he heard the voice of God. ‘I was not answering your prayers. It was Nyra who asked me to fulfill all your wishes.’

Nivaan was in tears and rushed to the rest house. He felt guilty that he didn’t think about Nyra even for a moment and was happily enjoying his own trip under the wrong impression that all his prayers were getting answered.

Even after searching her for the whole day, he couldn’t find her. He asked God, ‘Please help me locate Nyra’.

God replied, ‘She is in my abode. A pure soul should be with me! But I will fulfill all your prayers as I promised her to do so!’

Nivaan was completely broken. He realized that Nyra’s prayers were more powerful than his because she was selfless and compassionate.


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