Once a road was being constructed. Thus to redirect the flow of traffic to the adjoining road, the civic authority placed a signboard with the tagline “Death spot ahead”.  But the signboard was mischievous and it indicated the wrong direction which led to many deaths.

It displayed the correct instructions at night whenever the construction workers passed along the way but changed it in the morning due to which a lot of people died.

After a few months, when the new road was finally constructed, the civic authorities invited the chief minister for its inauguration.

The chief minister along with his cabinet arrived early morning the next day. While they were passing, the chief minister spotted the signboard displaying the wrong information which made him realise how so many accidents and deaths took place near the construction site in the recent past.

He immediately ordered to uproot the signboard and to crush it underneath a road roller so that it couldn’t mislead any other person in the future.


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