Once there was a poor boy, Nishant who lived with his mother in a small house. He got employed in a diamond shop. His hardworking attitude and quick-wittedness impressed his employer due to which he doubled his salary at the end of the year.

Seeing him rising up the ladder rapidly, one of his friends, Amit, grew jealous and decided to create hurdles in his friend’s way.

One day while Nishant was on his way to deliver a package from the diamond shop to the other end of the city, he received a call from Amit.

‘Nishant, your mother has fallen sick. She is continuously vomiting since morning. Please reach home as quickly as possible,’ said Amit.

‘Oh my God! Is she alright? Can you please admit her to the hospital as I am on my way to deliver a package and it will be impossible for me to reach right now. I will be very grateful to you,’ said Nishant.

‘She is constantly calling out for you Nishant so you better reach as fast as possible. As far as your package is concerned, I can deliver it to its rightful destination so that you can take care of your mother,’ said Amit.

Nishant was in a dilemma but accepted the proposal since he had no other option. They met midway and Nishant handed over the package to Amit. He thanked his dear friend and rushed to his house to take care of his ailing mother.

Amit dashed to a secluded place and unfolded the package and was amazed to see sparkling diamonds. Without wasting any more time, he bolted towards the railway station to run away to his village and live the rest of his life happily. He boarded the train and reached his village after a short journey of three hours but as soon as he stepped out of the train, he was caught by the police.

Later on, he was presented before the court where he accepted his crime and was imprisoned for a year.

‘How did you come to know about Amit’s location,’ asked Nishant’s employer.

‘Amit was my childhood friend and the basic pillar of our friendship was trust but sir, I believe that precaution is better than cure which is why I always fit a transmitter at the bottom of every package that I deliver. The transmitter sends signals to my phone at regular intervals which informs me about the real-time location of the package. So when I traced that Amit was heading towards his village with the package, I understood about his malafide intentions and informed the police,’ told Nishant.

His employer was amazed to see his quick-wittedness and promoted him to the post of a manager.


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