At last it is your work that counts

Once there were two managers in a company, Saurabh and Neeraj. Saurabh was very adamant and egoistic. He didn’t pay heed to the advice of his seniors and didn’t listen to his juniors whereas Neeraj was quite open-minded. He tried to learn new things from his juniors and built good official as well as personal relationships with them. On the other hand Saurabh didn’t invest time in bulding trusting relationships with his colleagues.

Neeraj behaved with his team members in a civilised manner and always gave them a helping hand if they faced any problem while going through a project whereas Saurabh on the other hand was short tempered. He used to scold his team members infront of other employees.

One day all the managers were called for a meeting by the CEO of the company. Saurabh cleverly took the credit of all the productive work done and blamed Neeraj for all the mishappenings in the company. The CEO somehow fell in Saurabh’s trap and expelled Neeraj from the company.

Neeraj didn’t lose his calm and formed his own company. Days passed on and his business began to expand. His new formed company’s profits shooted up while in his absence his previous company doomed to debts and losses.

Saurabh’s repeated failures in managing his team brought out his incapacity to perform and thus was expelled by the CEO. On the other hand the CEO offered 10 times the salary to Neeraj and asked him to return. Neeraj accepted the proposal and once again all the employees began to work with full enthusiasm and the company soon touched new heights of success.


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