A true friend is one who stands by you in times of trouble.

Once there were two boys Amol and Shivam. Both of them were best of friends. They went to the same school and graduated from the same college. Both of them qualified for the research programme and got admission in one of the top ranked universities to pursue their phd.

During the course, their instructor asked them to divide themselves in teams. Amol and shivam chose each other.

As they researched more and more about their topic, they had difference of opinions but both of them accepted each others approach.

After some days Shivam made friends with Rahul from another group. He paid for Shivam’s expenses and took him to various malls. Shivam was busy enjoying his new lifestyle and completely forgot about his research work. 

Days passed on and the time to submit their thesis to their instructors approached near. Shivam didn’t mind about the details and enjoyed along with Rahul. Even after repeated warnings from Amol, he did not pay attention and continued with his daily routine. He still went to clubs and enjoyed late night parties when only a week was left.

When only 3 days were left to submit their report, he locked himself inside his hostel room and worked day and night. Even after foresaking food and sleep for the next 2 days, he wasn’t able to finish even half of his report.

Shivam rushed to Amol for help. He took pity on Shivam and helped him to prepare his project. 

Due to their combined effort, Shivam’s report was accepted by his mentor and he too like Amol passed with flying colours.

Finally Shivam hugged Amol, thanked him for his help and learned to choose friends with an open eye.


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