Once there was a boy named Pratyush who stole his friend’s pencil. After returning home, he showed it to his parents and told them the whole story. Instead of scolding and showing him the correct path, they disposed off the matter which strengthened him to carry out even bigger tasks.

He robbed banks and looted vaults due to which he became the most sought after criminal. Soon he expanded his illegal business and trade all around the country and formed a mafia of thugs, raiders and dacoits.

He also bribed government officials and leaked internal secrets of various countries to enemy states for money. To exert his influence over an area he committed heinous crimes like bomb blasts in public places across the world which killed loads of people.

All the countries held a meeting and collectively declared him as an international terrorist. Joint search missions were conducted globally and all his illegal rackets, trades and businesses were bought to an end. Finally after a long search, his exact location was traced and he was executed by the peace keeping forces.


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