Raj was a civil servant who was appointed as the district magistrate of a village by the president of the country. His job was to look after the welfare of the rural people and to constantly work for their upliftment but he on the contrary took unfair advantage of the powers conferred on him.

He used to steal money which was alloted by the government for providing various educational and health facilities to the residents of the village but the poor uneducated people never got those benefits because of the corrupt civil servant.

Raj along with his family went on long foreign trips on the money provided by the government for the elevation of the rural people. In short he enjoyed his life to the fullest without thinking even once for the people he was appointed for.

One day, the village was struck by an earthquake. The National Disaster Management Authority declared the village to be the most disaster prone area and thus the ministry officials directly contacted Raj to formulate policies to provide immediate relief to the people.

The government sent a huge relief fund but Raj being unscrupulous, cleverly looted the relief fund, prepared fake reports and sent it to the government. After few days when the media reported about the village, it was found out that conditions were the same and there was no change whatsoever.

The government officials took swift action by reporting the matter to the president who after going through the reports fired Raj from the post of a district magistrate. He was then tried in the court for corruption and was found guilty.


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