Sunil was the king of a mighty empire. He had a very honest and hardworking prime minister who used to report him daily and share the ground details of the execution of his policies, various kinds of problems faced by his subjects and the threats by enemy kingdoms.

One day he fell sick and after a few days he died. Thus Sunil discussed with his council of ministers and anointed Ravi as his prime minister. Ravi was not only an insincere and a biased man but he was also a lazy person.

He cleverly framed out various policies for the upliftment of the people of his community due to which they gained reservations in government jobs. He never went out of the palace to meet with the common man and understand their problems face to face. Whenever the king asked about the affairs of the state, he flattered and praised him so as to divert his attention.

Due to his deceit, corruption and crime were at their peak, common people did not have jobs due to which unemployment grew at an unprecedented rate. The weapons in the armoury had rusted and hygiene levels were not maintained in stables which lead to untimely death of horses.

The neighbouring enemy kingdom soon learned about the malfunctioning and breakdown of the political machinery through its network of spies and attacked. Ravi, instead of collecting any information regarding the attack and formulating a sound retaliation plan, drank wine and enjoyed his life to the fullest.

Finally the empire crumbled against the foreign invasion and was taken over by the enemy kingdom.


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