Once there was a huge colony of honeybees which consisted of a queen, hundreds of drones and thousands of worker bees. The queen selected a worker bee every month and assigned him the duty of guarding the honeycomb and warning the guard bees at times of intrusion.

Once the queenbee by mistake selected an untrustworthy worker bee which later proved to be a bad decision. The untrustworthy worker bee was a very big liar. He often played pranks and alerted the guard bees even when there was no intrusion.

The guard bees complained to the queen but she asked them to wait till the end of the month after which she would replace him with a trustworthy bee.

On the last day of his duty, a swarm of wasps attacked the honeycomb. He alerted all the other guard bees but to no avail. Everyone thought it to be a prank due to which no one took his warning seriously. The wasps took advantage of the situation and invaded the honeycomb. Since there was no one to defend, the wasps went inside, massacred the guard bees and the queen and looted all the honey.


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