Ramesh and Rukmani were a loving couple and lived happily in a small village. Ramesh worked at a factory from morning to evening, taught his kids after returning home and prepared dinner at night. One day Rukmani fell sick. Ramesh bought her some local herbs and took care of all her needs.

But due to lack of professional healthcare services, her condition deteriorated over time. One day she vomited blood out of her mouth. Ramesh grew worrisome and called the ambulance. Since they lived far away from the city in a remote village where there were hardly any roads, the ambulance took half a day to reach their home. Thus even before reaching the hospital, Rukmani was declared dead.

Ramesh could not bear the pain of separation and locked himself within his room for a day. The next morning he came out with a hammer and a chisel and with a conviction in his eyes, walked towards the mountain. Had it not been there, the ambulance would have reached on time and Rukmani would have been alive.

Ramesh only with the help of a hammer and a chisel started to dig the mountain. All his friends and relatives mocked him and thought him to be a lunatic but it didn’t have any effect on Ramesh. He continued to dig the mountain continuously for two decades and created a route which connected the village with the city.

Soon his efforts were recognized by the media and he was brought to limelight. The government too acknowledged his hard work and honoured him with a national award. Finally Ramesh’s life story was included as a part of the syllabus across all schools of the country so that the young generation could draw inspiration from him.


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