Once upon a time there was a fierce lion. He caught a deer, killed it and ate half of its body. Suddenly he spotted a donkey and leaped over it.

‘Please, let me go,’ pleaded the donkey.

‘Listen carefully. I am going to the lake to quench my thirst. Protect the leftovers of the deer’s body until I return. If you fail to do so, I will tear you into bits and pieces,’ roared the lion.

Poor donkey didn’t have any other choice and accepted the lion’s command. He sat upon the leftovers of the deer’s body and waited for the lion to return.

While the lion was away, a fox saw the donkey sitting over a deer’s body. He went towards the donkey and asked ‘Why are you sitting on top of a dead deer?’

‘The king of the jungle, the lion has asked me to do so. If I get up and leave before he returns, he will eat me to death,’ said the donkey.

The fox wanted to eat the delicious deer, so he devised a clever plan.

‘Do you see that cave in the far east?’ asked the fox.

The donkey turned his head towards the east and replied ‘Yes.’

‘You must run and hide inside the cave before the lion arrives,’ said the fox.

‘I can’t. If the lion does not find me over here, he shall kill me,’ said the donkey.

‘Don’t worry about it. I will sit upon the deer and when the mighty lion returns, I will not reveal your true location.’ said the clever fox.

The donkey thought for a while and accepted whatever the fox said. He thanked the fox and made a run for his life.

As soon as the donkey disappeared, the fox picked up the leftover deer and ran to his burrow.

After quenching his thirst, the lion felt hungry and returned to the place where he had ordered the donkey to look after the leftover deer. To his surprise, neither did he found the deer, nor did he found the donkey.

The lion roared in anger and went to his den. As soon as he reached his den, he spotted the donkey who was hiding inside it. Since the lion could not control his anger anymore, he pounced upon the donkey and ate him to death.


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