Once there were two students, Harish and Paras who were preparing for a competitive exam. Both of them joined a coaching institute to prepare well for the upcoming exam. 

The institute was famous for conducting special lectures where they adviced tips, tricks and strategies to ace the exam.

Harish attended these lectures in order to gain valuable insights and learn strategies from previous year toppers but Paras didn’t.

The institute also conducted weekly practice tests so as to guage the performance of the students. After each test, students were called for doubt clearing sessions where teachers used to personally clear all their doubts and tell them their weak areas. Harish attended all the doubt clearing sessions and worked upon his weak areas whereas Paras didn’t find the sessions worthwhile and also didn’t work upon his weak areas.

A week before the final exam, the institute conducted a special class where the students were once again taught all the important concepts and were also given a list of important questions. Harish attended the lecture and made a list of all the questions but Paras didn’t attend the lecture.

Thus on one hand Harish revised all the important concepts and expected questions as many times as possible whereas Paras was not able to revise the whole course due to its sheer large size.

Finally after a month, when the results were declared, Harish passed with flying colours but Paras failed to do so.


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