Once there were two friends, Rajat and Hemant. On one hand Rajat was a kind man and helped others but on the other hand Hemant was a self-centred person.

One day Hemant suffered a big loss in his business. Rajat being a noble man lent him money to recuperate from the loss without asking for any interest on the principal amount. Being his childhood friend and also seeing him in dire need of money, Hemant appointed Rajat as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in his company.

Rajat, being an egomaniac and an opportunist, leaked all the financial strategies and future expansion plans of the company to the competitors for a petty price. Soon a FIR was lodged and in a matter of days, Rajat was caught by the police. Hemant, being a true friend, bailed Rajat and allowed him to continue in his company.

After a few months, Hemant’s company suffered a huge loss. Also, his mother met with an accident and wanted immediate surgery. Since he was in dire need of money, he asked Rajat to help him out. Rajat being selfish, egotistical and an arrogant man simply refused Hemant’s plea.

Finally realising Rajat’s true nature, Hemant immediately sacked him out of the company. He called for numerous meetings and brainstormed to find out a solution to the problem. After coming up with efficient financial schemes and policies and relentlessly pursuing them for a month, he was able to recover the financial losses. Thus, his company was once again able to stand upon its feet and he was also able to pay for his mother’s surgery.


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