Once there was a low caste boy, Jashan, who was playing with his friends. While playing, he hid inside one of his friend’s house who belonged to higher caste. 
As luck may have it, his friend’s father caught him and slapped him thrice. “How dare you enter my house you scoundrel,” screamed his friend’s father and dragged him out of the house.

Jashan somehow regained his senses and returned to his home. He narrated the whole incident to his father who then explained him the difference between low and high class as he was too small to understand the same.

Innocent Jashan asked his father “how can I transform myself from a low class to a high class, papa?” 

“Son, if you clear the Indian Administrative Services exam(IAS) exam, everybody will prostrate infront of you”

“I will clear the exam papa and prove that no matter one is born in a low class or a high class family, one can always raise his bar through perseverance and hardwork.”

Jashan’s father hovered his hand over his son’s hair and wished him goodluck for his endeavour.

From the same day onwards, Jashan burned the mid-night oil. Moreover, he neither went out to play with his friends nor did he participate in any cultural activity.

After years of determined hardwork, he was finally able to clear the prestigious exam. Everyone was shocked to hear that a low caste boy had cleared the IAS exam.

Everybody came to congratulate Jashan and his parents. The next day, his home was bombarded by media houses due to which his life-story of immense determination and hardwork reached each and every home in the country.

Seeing Jashan’s inspirational story, his friend’s father reached Jashan’s home and repented for thrashing him only because he was a low caste boy.

Jashan immediately forgave him and also took his blessings.


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