Once a group of terrorists raided a mall. They started firing relentlessly and killed a dozen people. Everyone scurried for cover. Piyush, unfortunately, lost his mother in the shootout. While everyone was running helter-skelter to save their life, he picked up a toy police car, a walkie-talkie and ran towards the control room of the mall.

As soon as he reached the control room, he called the police and informed them about the terrorist attacks. The police told him to take cover until they reach the scene. But Piyush had decided to teach the terrorists a lesson. First of all, he switched on the mike and activated the toy police car. The beep of the car was so realistic that it scared the shit out of the terrorists. After that, he used the walkie-talkie and announced “You have been surrounded by us from all sides. Surrender or we will shoot you”. Hearing the threat, a cold shiver ran down the terrorists’ spine and as a last resort to save themselves, they held a woman as a hostage. “If you try to shoot us, we will blow her brains out”, blurted the terrorist.

Piyush, who was keeping a close watch from the control room did not expect this to happen. He immediately ran towards the arms section, picked up a shotgun, loaded it, brought it to the control room and shot it several times. The terrorists thought that the police is determined to kill them, whether they harmed the hostages or not.

Thus to save their life, the terrorists ran out of the mall, kept their weapons on the ground, and surrendered. At the same time, the police reached the scene and caught the terrorists. During further investigation, when the police went through the CCTV footage, they were astonished to see how a young boy with his clever tactics fooled the terrorists to surrender.

Soon the news spread across the country and the director general of police nominated his name to the president. The president was startled seeing the cleverness of the young boy, and awarded him an honorary medal for exuding such bravery.


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