Recently we had a discussion with Reenita Malhotra Hora, author of “When Arya fell through the Fault”. Here are some excerpts from the 1st interview.

Q.1) How did you conceive the idea of writing down “When Arya fell through the


This story had long been in the works. it started around the time my son was about 4 years old and obsessed with the idea of Hanuman and vanars. He thought of Hanuman as a superhero…in the same category perhaps as Batman and Superman. At the time, I was also taking a brush up Sanskrit class at UC Berkeley and we studied the Sunderkaand. I was mesmerized by the description of the forests in the Valmiki Ramyana. It was that combination of events underscored by my natural love of storytelling that eventually synthesized the idea of this story.

Q.2) How did you manage time?

Time management is an art that can only be developed by choosing what to forsake for what you favor.

Q.3) What was your inspiration behind writing down the novel?

The literary world is replete with stories about Good versus Evil. In every single one, the former must necessarily vanquish the latter in order to provide closure and culmination. However, I am a firm believer in the basic truth that there is no such thing as good without evil, or vice versa. Ayurveda mentions twenty gunas or qualities which can be paired into ten sets of opposing forces – where there is light vs dark, rough vs smooth, dry vs oily etc. Essentially, each one of these gunas is given meaning only by its opposing quality. In the same way, how can we ever come to appreciate ‘good’ if we were to permanently vanquish evil? As such I wanted to explore the idea that even when vanquished, evil doesn’t disappear. It is simply pushed into the depths of the earth or one’s consciousness…only to arise at another time when the dark forces once again return to power. This is what happens in the Arya Chronicles. In this particular story, Arya will vanquish his demons, but when he does, Ravana dissipates with a resounding promise that this not the last he will see of him…that he will be back. That part will unfold in the sequel.

Q.4) There may have been moments where you would have been demotivated. Who

were your support pillars at that time?

Unmotivated by the travails of Arya? Impossible. The stories of Arya keep me from focusing on just about anything else.

Q.5) Please share some words for upcoming authors.

Dig in to discover your story and then unleash it with a passion. Chisel away at it …every day even for a little at a time. This is the only way to uncover your true creative potential.

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of the interview.

Till then, grab your copies from amazon.

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