Here is the 2nd part of the Interview session with Reenita Malhotra Hora as promised. Let’s begin.

Q.1) You look pretty much interested in mythology. What are your favourite works on mythology?

Without a doubt the Ramayana. When my son was around four, I took a brush up Sanskrit class at UC Berkeley and we studied the Sunderkaand. I was mesmerized by the description of the forests in the Valmiki Ramyana. It was that combination of events underscored by my natural love of storytelling that eventually synthesized the idea of this story.

I also love Shakuntala….pretty much anything that involves metaphor and lyrical description in Sanskrit.

Q.2) What are your favourite genres?

Crime especially financial, corporate crime thrillers. Also historical fiction…anything that is cleverly written and that takes me into another reality. That said, I also love comedy. I live for comedy because we humans take ourselves altogether too seriously.

Q.3) Which is your favourite novel and why?


 I love reading and my pet peeve is that I do not get to read as much as I want to or on my own time! As to my favorite books and authors, Let me defer you to this link:

Q.4) How did you cope up in times when you were low as far as your novel is concerned?

Low during the travails of Arya? Impossible. The stories of Arya keep me from focusing on just about anything else.

Q.5) Throw light on your next project.

Stay tuned.

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