Once upon a time there were two kingdoms, Mayosa and Jayosa. They decided to hold a competition in order to see who out of the two, had the strongest soldiers. Few days later, a huge stadium was constructed and everyone from both the kingdoms gathered to witness the competition.

The first competition was to decide the strongest man out of the two. Both the kings selected their respective strongest soldier and sent them in the ring. The siren rang and the fight started. Both the soldiers gave a tough competition to each other but after about an hour, the Jayosan soldier gave up.

The second competition was to decide the fastest man out of the two. A splendid 100 meter race circuit was built to conduct the race. Both the kings sent the fastest soldier in the ring. As soon as the whistle blew, both of them started to run as fast as possible but the Mayosan soldier was able to win the competition by a small margin.

Finally the candidates for the third and the last challenge were called out. A magnificent archery range was constructed in order to test the challengers. The competition assessed accuracy, patience, and concentration. Everyone was amazed to hear the rules of the game which mentioned that the challengers had to pierce the eye of a plastic parrot hanging up on a tree while seeing its reflection on the pond. The Jayosan king decided to go first and sent his brightest archer. The archer took his stance, concentrated deeply on his target and shot his arrow. Unfortunately, he missed by a few centimeters. Then the Mayosan king selected his archer and sent him to the stage. The Mayosan soldier took his stance, shot the arrow and as luck may have it, it pierced the eye of the parrot.

Everyone cheered for the three Mayosan soldiers and their king. The Jayosan king hid himself and returned to his kingdom in utter shame. He couldn’t bear his disrespect and blamed the 3 soldiers for their poor performance. Instead of inspecting the training courses conducted by the army, he ordered the arrest of the three soldiers and publicly executed them.

On the other hand, the Mayosan King awarded his soldiers for their excellent performance but also advised them to learn from their mistakes and practice even harder. He called a meeting with his ministers and ordered them to conduct efficient military exercises.

A year later, both the kingdoms were attacked by a major foreign power. Since the Mayosan kingdom had trained its soldiers well, they were able to resist the attack and protect their sovereignty. But since the Jayosan kingdom had already executed their best soldiers and because they did not take any preventive measures, they were not able to withstand the foreign intruders and thus lost their kingdom.


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