Once upon a time a fortune teller arrived in a village. After predicting various trivial things such as the time of sunrise and sunset, and by falsely advising people on myriad issues, he was able to persuade the gullible public to pay a hefty fee for predictions. Thus in a short while, he became the richest man in the entire village.

After a year, Ansh who was the son of the village headman returned from the city after completing his graduation. The next day, his mother accompanied him to the fortune teller to help her find a perfect match for her son.

Ansh was astounded to see the clairvoyant’s mansion. It was a huge house studded with all kinds of jewels and precious stones. After waiting for an hour they got a chance to meet the fortune teller. Ansh’s mother bowed down before him in reverence and asked his son to do the same.

The fortune teller read Ansh’s birth chart and palm lines and suggested them the perfect bride. Both of them were shocked when they found out that she was none other than their house maid. Ansh’s mother pleaded and asked him to study the birth chart once again but the fortune teller stood adamant on his decision. Moreover, he added that Ansh would die in a month’s time should he marry someone else.

The poor lady sobbed and accepted her child’s damned fate. Ansh on the other hand decided to dig deep into the matter and unmask the fortune teller once and for all. He asked his mother to recite each and everything that had happened while he was not present in the village.

“The fortune teller arrived in the village about an year ago. He claims to have mystic powers through which he is able to see the future. Your father being the headman of the village called a meeting and asked the other leaders to expel the fortune teller from the village. But unfortunately, no one was ready to believe him. The fortune teller laid a web of deceit and entrapped all the other leaders. The next morning, everyone unanimously expelled your father instead of the fortune teller from the village,’ told Ansh’s mother.

Ansh couldn’t believe what a cheat the fortune teller was. He began to locate the sources and found out that the fortune teller read every newspaper and magazine that was available in the market and befooled the illiterate and poor villagers that he had mystic powers.

The next day, Ansh went to a printing shop in the city and published a fake copy of all the newspapers and magazines that were available in the market. He disguised himself as the hawker and delivered everything straight to the fortune teller’s house. As usual, all the villagers gathered in the village center in the evening to hear the fortune teller’s predictions.

He told them that its going to be sunny the next day as per the weather forecast and was also confident because of the ongoing summer season. Secondly he told that the president of the country who was recuperating in the hospital would not die any soon. He was very sure of the fact that the villagers across the country considered the president as a hero since he had helped a huge section of the depressed classes across the country by donating all his wealth.

As soon as the villagers heard this news, their happiness knew no bounds and everyone started celebrating. They donated a lot of money, silver, and gold to the fortune teller as he was the one to reveal the good news.

The next day, the weather became cloudy and suddenly it started raining cats and dogs. Everyone was astounded as this was the first time that the fortune teller’s prediction was incorrect. Later in the evening all the villagers gathered in the village center hall to hear that their president had been saved as was predicted by the fortune teller, on the radio. But to their dismay, they heard that the president had died and everyone sobbed the whole night.

The next morning, Ansh disclosed the whole story to everyone. All the villagers got so angry that they looted the fortune teller’s house and even burned it. The fortune teller ran for his life and was never seen after it.


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