First of all let me tell you all that after a long while have I been able to enjoy a book from top to bottom, left to right, in and out, and across all the 11 dimensions as described by the supergravity theory.

The Three Psychos is a freaking awesome book that consists of 3 short stories namely:

1. DE22912 (Don’t go by the name)

2. Patient number 9 (Jadoo!!!)

3. Six Bullets (Incarnation of the angry young man (or boy))

Review of DE22912

DE22912 revolves around a man who loses complete control over his actions, reactions and even dreams.

The protagonist of the story is trapped in a white box. This is the time when he starts questioning his beliefs, and right to live and die.

But does he lose his temper and patience and puts an end to his life?

Or does he come out of the box and begins a new journey?

Read to find out!!!

Review of Patient number 9

This is the best story out of the three according to me (view points may differ, so read all and judge by yourself).

Patient number 9 revolves around a man who is assigned to save Earth from complete annihilation but unfortunately he is admitted to a hospital.

Will he be able to save Earth from an alien attack by blue pig like bollywood frenzy creatures or is the planet doomed or is there something else all together? Read to find out!!!

Review of Six Bullets

This is one of the most intense, emotional and kinda melodramatic (not in the negative sense) story that I have read in a long while.

The story revolves around a 16 year old boy, who along with his mother are regularly beaten and abused by his father. His mother’s patience and goodwill are the only two things that cage the beast within him.

But how long will he able to take this shit?

Will he go against his dad and if he does, then to what extent?


1. Language used is crystal clear, without any grammatical and punctuation errors.

2. All the three stories provide a very strong message which is why I highly recommend everyone to read them till the end.

3. Every story revolves around a character who is entrapped in the beginning of the story but somehow solves the puzzle at the end. This not only makes an exciting read but also helps one understand the uncertainties of life.


1. I am unable to find any demerit in the book except the front cover which could have been more engaging.


Grab your copies now from Amazon.


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