Today we interviewed Dhaval Birajdar, author of the popular novel “A Knotty Affair” on his upcoming anthology of short stories. Here are a few excerpts.

Q.1) How did the idea of writing 3 short motivational stories came to your mind?

Ans) As a writer, you are inundated with ideas every day. There was an all India writing competition conducted by an indie publisher where three of my short story ideas were shortlisted in top 15 out of a thousand entries. The publishing agent suggested me to write those short stories which can then be published on kindle, and if people like the concept, it can be converted in a Short web series or a full-fledged novel.

The motivational stories are from day to day life and people will relate to it. Normally motivational stories are derived from the lives of famous personalities, but I try to project normal people which people can relate to.

Q2) I have gone through one of your short story regarding a PhD candidate. It has an interesting take on life of a PhD student? Where did you derive the inspiration from?

Ans) Yes, I had always wanted to write on the life of a PhD student as it has never been written before. Moreover, only a handful of movies have touched the topic. This is one of the major source of my inspiration.

Q 3) If we go by the rough cut which I have read, “The PhD candidate” has a love story attached to it, tell us about all three stories.

Ans) Well, “The PhD candidate” is the only story out of the three which has a love angle in it. The story is of a young girl who has joined a PhD course and has been doing research on cancer medicines. During her first year, she gets into a relationship with a guy from an entertainment background. The parallels between the PhD girl and the entertainment guy is the highlight of the story.

“The PhD candidate” is very close to my heart and I can assure my readers that this is by far the best story written by me till date. The tag line of the story is someone’s infatuation or experiment can be nasty for someone else.

The protagonist of the second story is based on a Maths professor, Kapil Baheti, a good friend of mine. I have known him for last 5 years and I can easily say he is one of the best people I have ever met. He has a brilliant sense of humour but I fear he may sue me after reading the story (laughs).

The Third Story is of on Ola Driver. I would not like to reveal much about it but it has a bit of suspense attached to it.

All the three stories end with a motivational message.

Q4) Your Second Novel ‘A knotty Affair’, was in top 20 books for period of 65 days. Don’t you feel ecstatic about it?

Ans) It feels great when your work is appreciated. Basically, I had never thought that my second book would be loved by one and all. It has certainly exceeded my expectations. My book has received a lot of reviews, all ranging from 3 to 5 stars. Even on Goodreads, it’s performance has been brilliant. The happiest day of my life was when my book review was published on “SAMNA” and I also got interviewed by Times group on the same day. It was a different experience altogether. My family, relatives and friends felt very proud of me.

Q5) You are teaching in one of the premium engineering institutes in Mumbai and on the path of becoming a great writer. What is your take on that?

“Great Writer” may be an exaggeration. I know one thing that first I am a teacher and then a writer. I have been working in DJ Sanghvi College for last 5 years and it has been a wonderful experience.

Many Indians think that teaching is an easy job, but trust me it’s very tiring. One has to slog day in and day out. My teaching experience has helped me a lot in my writing career. I hope the readers will get to learn something after reading them which they can incorporate within their lives.

Q 6) So any plans of converting “A knotty affair” into a movie or a series? You must have got some offers, isn’t it?

I am neither a rich person nor a producer. Yes, there were talks with a Gujarati producer but that didn’t work out. Currently, one of the Regional Producer has gone through my book and he has expressed his desire to develop it into a feature film but it’s still in an initial stage. Then there is a web Series which I am working on, it should probably release by February or March if everything goes right. So, hoping for the best.

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