Once a worldwide Kungfu tournament was organized by China. Kungfu martial artists from all over the world arrived to take part in it. The initial ceremony was conducted where the organizing committee felicitated the defending champion, Kai Song who had been holding the world championship since a decade.

Then all the participants were shown their rooms and were asked to assemble in the main hall the next day. Fighters from across the world mustered in the main hall so as to know who their competitors were which was followed by a grand dinner.

After enjoying the night, everyone returned to their rooms so as to rest and get ready for the tournament that would commence the next day.

The tournament began and spectators responded with a huge cheer and loud claps. One by one, kungfu experts from across the globe lost until Raghav and Adam representing India and U.S.A were the only one left.

The semi final match was conducted between the two, and Raghav due to his sheer determination, and will power was able to defeat Adam and finally qualified for the final round that was to be held between him and the defending champion, Kai Song.

After a day of rest, the day for the final match arrived and people across the world, especially India and China were glued to their T.V screens. Majority of the people were quite sure that Kai would win the tournament as he had been doing so since the past decade.

The judges announced that the final match would have three rounds and gave them five minutes to prepare themselves.

After five minutes, the first round began.

Raghav took the charge and started by kicking Kai on his right leg but being an experienced fighter, Kai dodged all his attacks and punched straight on Raghav’s chest, who immediately fell down. Thus, Kai was declared the winner, who laughed like a maniac and spat upon Raghav’s face.

Raghav on the other hand, closed his eyes for a moment and tried to concentrate on his year long training.

After a minute, the second round began. This time Raghav took a defensive stance and searched for a weak point in Raghav. He realized that Kai always opened his fist after delivering a punch and then closed it before striking again so as to increase his power. But in doing so, he wasted half a second which was enough for Raghav to make his move.

He waited for Kai to open his fist once again and as soon as Kai did that, Raghav kicked him on his chin and knocked him off. Their was silence all around. The crowd stood in awe as nobody could believe what they saw. After a minute, Kai stood up and hurled abuses on Raghav, who didn’t react and instead planned how to win the last round.

Finally the bell rang and the last and the final round of the Kungfu tournament began. Kai learned from his mistake and decided not to open and clench his fist. This saved him a lot of time due to which he landed several punches on Raghav. Though his punches were weak but he delivered them at such a high speed that Raghav was not able to counter attack him.

After delivering a volley of punches, Kai got tired and his speed reduced drastically. Raghav who hadn’t attacked his opponent even once in the round was brimming with energy. He took full advantage of the situation and landed a deadly kick straight to Kai’s chin. Kai couldn’t get up to fight any longer and Raghav was declared victorious.

This happened because on one hand, Kai was overconfident about his victory as he had been winning the world tournament since the past decade due to which he did not practice much for the current season. On the other hand, Raghav renounced sleep and practiced his kungfu moves day and night and at last became the world champion.


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