Once there was a poor farmer named Ramesh. He decided to suicide because he didn’t have enough money to buy a tractor due to which he was not able to grow enough crops to sustain his family, let alone to sell them in the market and earn some money.

One day an old man arrived at his house and asked for water. Though Ramesh was extremely poor and didn’t have enough money to meet his ends, he still offered him a glass of water. The old man gulped it in and asked for more. Ramesh poured the last drops of water from the pitcher in the glass and without any hesitation, offered it to the old man.

After quenching his thirst and before leaving the house, the old man handed Ramesh a 10 rupees note. Although Ramesh was in dire need of money, he didn’t find it appropriate to charge an old man for water.

The old man dropped the Rs.10 note inside the pitcher, greeted Ramesh with folded hands and continued his journey. Later in the night when Ramesh opened the pitcher to refill it, he was astounded to see it full of gold and diamonds. He couldn’t believe his eyes. “How could it be,” he thought. His joy knew no bounds and he danced and sang all throughout the night.

Later in the morning, he rushed to the city and purchased a brand new tractor. With the help of the tractor, he was able to grow a lot of crops and feed himself as well as his family to the fullest. He took pity on the condition of other farmers and offered each of them a tractor as well.

Later on he established basic amenities such as a school, college, and a hospital in the village and everyone in the village began treating him as their godhead. In the next elections, all of them voted for Ramesh and chose him as the village head.

He went out and delivered lectures, heard problems, and gave solutions to everyone. He found his pitcher brimming with gold and precious stones when he checked it every night before sleeping.

After a few days, he was called by the chief minister of his state who asked him to invest his money in foreign banks and to earn a huge amount of interest on it. While returning home he gave a thought to the chief minister’s suggestion and decided to invest all his money in foreign banks so as to become the richest man in the world. Thus, he withdrew all the investments that he made in schools, colleges, hospitals etc. and put it in foreign banks.

He began ignoring his relatives, friends, and loved ones and was busy counting his profit at the end of the year. A few months later, the prime minister of the country asked all the foreign banks to help the country in catching culprits holding black money. And as luck may have it, all the foreign banks backed the prime minister’s move and the corrupt chief minister as well Ramesh were caught red handed.


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