Once upon a time there was a corrupt merchant who purchased cheap items on the internet and sold them at high prices to other people. He took advantage of the fact that people were unaware of prices and thus earned very high profits.

One day, he arrived in Agra, India and visited the Taj Mahal. He was mesmerized by its beauty and kept staring at it in awe. After returning to his restroom, he decided to befool foreign people to buy this marvelous piece of architecture in pretense of buying a huge mansion.

He researched deeply on the monument, prepared a lot of good articles, and uploaded it on his website. He did paid promotions of his articles in far off countries where people had never heard or read about the Taj Mahal.

His plan worked and slowly and steadily he began getting various calls and emails from people who wanted to buy the wonder. The online merchant asked all of them to pay huge loads of money and in a month’s time, he became a billionaire. Lastly, he sent the address of the Taj Mahal to all its buyers.

Each one of them came to India and were flabbergasted to see its beauty. But as soon as they got to know that it was one of the seven wonders of the world and not a mansion, their world struck apart. They could not believe that they had been fooled by the online merchant. They tried to search for his website but were shocked to see that it had been pulled off from the internet.

All of them registered their complaint with the cyber cell division, who immediately came into action. After searching a lot, they were able to trace the main culprit who was finally caught. The police made him return all the money to their rightful owners and put him behind bars.


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