Once there was a group of women who used to carry different varieties of fruits through a road that connected the village with the city. But the road wasn’t safe as it passed through a wild forest that was full of tigers, leopards, lions and other fierce wild animals.

There were some mothers in the group who carried their new born babies along with them in their fruit baskets. Each one of them also carried a long and thick stick in order to attack wild animals if they ever encountered them.

They passed through the forest attentively. One day, it so happened that they sold all of their produce in the market and also won a lottery of 1 million rupees. Each one of them were so excited to inform this to their husbands that they rushed to their home without carrying their sticks along with them. Moreover, they were not vigilant enough to pay any heed to the danger while passing through the dense jungle.

Unfortunately a pride of lion that was passing nearby, spotted the women who were lost in their own world. Without wasting any time, the lions attacked the group of women and as luck may have it, they along with their babies died an untimely death. Neither were they able to share the news with their husbands nor were they able to enjoy the benefits of the lottery.


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