Once a school decided to visit a mall along with its students. After reaching the mall, a group of girls decided to check out some apparels. One out of them, Nidhi, was very adamant about the fact that her parents were very rich and she could afford the most expensive dress.

As soon as they reached inside the shop, each one of them began searching for the prettiest dresses. All of them carefully selected the best piece according to the color, brand, quality of cloth, and of course the price. But on the other hand Nidhi went straight away to the most expensive gown in the shop and bought three of them in her favorite colors which were pink, white, and green.

Then she went inside the changing room and stepped out wearing that beautiful gown. All her friends gazed in awe at the magnificent gown and craved for it. Each of them thought that had they been born in Nidhi’s family, they also could had purchased such an expensive dress. Moreover, Nidhi teased her classmates. Her friends advised her not to do so but she didn’t pay any heed and continued teasing them. Some of her mates from the rival groups were so irritated that they decided to teach her a lesson.

While all of them were making payment at the counter, Nidhi was still dressed in her gown. The accountant told her to change back to her original dress so that all the three gowns could be packed inside a box. Thus Nidhi went back to the changing room and changed her clothes. Before she would open the door, someone knocked it and said “The class teacher wants to talk to you urgently” while handing her the cell phone.

She immediately picked up the phone and said “Yes ma’am.”

“Reach the third floor immediately. It’s urgent,” said her teacher and cut the phone.

Nidhi rushed to the third floor only to find that it was closed for the time being and would open only at the night. She realized that it was just a prank call and rushed back to the changing room. As soon as the door opened, she couldn’t believe what she saw. All three of her gowns had been cut from various places and stained with spots and patches. Hence all her savings were wasted and what she got was nothing but three torn and dirty gowns.


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