Once there was a mad scientist. He had a very fragile heart and couldn’t see anybody die. He was against the rule of nature where the strong killed the weak, where the predators ate the preys. He couldn’t see grasshoppers eating plants. Similarly he couldn’t bear frogs eating grasshoppers, snakes eating frogs, and hawks eating snakes. Thus, he decided to alter the triangle of sustainability and turn predators into preys and vice versa.

After an intense research of decades, he devised a machine that reversed the ecological triangle. At first he was happy to see the grasshoppers scared of plants because of which they did not consume it. Similarly, frogs were scared of grasshoppers and dived inside the lake as soon as they spotted one. Moreover, snakes who relished frogs, hid inside their burrows whenever a frog passed by and hawks flew in the sky in a state of terror.

The scientist was extremely satisfied when he saw a deer chasing a lion. He was very happy as he had successfully altered the natural cycle but what he saw after a few days, petrified him. The new predators were not able to kill their preys because they were small in size and didn’t have enough power to do so. On the other hand, the new preys were so scared of their predators that they were not even able to confront them, let alone kill them.

Hence, slowly and steadily all of them began to die. At last only trees were left and since there was no one to eat them, they began to grow all across the globe. Thus the scientist realized his mistake and understood that everything in the nature exists for a reason. Finally he reversed the ecological cycle and never altered it again.


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