Once King Nimi invited Rishi Vashishtha for conducting a yagya. But instead Rishi Vashishtha went to conduct a Yagya at Indra’s palace. Thus, Nimi invited Rishi Gautam to conduct the Yagya.

After successfully conducting the yagya for Indra, Rishi Vashishta decided to go to Nimi’s palace. Since Nimi was infuriated because of his absence, he didn’t greet the Rishi.

The hostility grew to such an extent that both of them cursed each other to leave their mortal bodies. Rishi Vashishta immediately left his body and reclaimed it within seconds. On the other hand, Rishi Gautam tried to revive Nimi through his yogic powers but Nimi didn’t want so. Contrary to it, he asked Rishi Gautam to grant him a boon to reside on the eyelids of humans and fortunately his wish was granted.

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