One day Krishna was playing his flute. While everyone was spellbound in the lullaby, a baby snake crept in from his burrow and pleaded Krishna to save him from the tyrannical serpent king.
‘What happened young friend?,’ asked Krishna with a gentle smile across his face.

‘Oh Lord! Please save me from the serpent king. He will ruin my life like he did with my parents. He employs a large number of downtrodden and underpriviledged snakes like us and coerces us to work day and night. We do not enjoy equal rights and freedom like our counterparts. Have mercy upon us Oh Lord,’ cried the baby snake.

‘I am here to help you my friend. Take me along with you to your realm and I shall free you all from the ongoing persecution,’ said Krishna while playing his flute.

The baby snake smiled back and went inside the burrow. Krishna reduced his size through his yogic powers and followed the baby snake. 

After an hour, both of them reached the realm of the serpents where colorful and bright snakes were very rich and enjoyed their life to the fullest while the dull and dark colored snakes were subservient to them. They were deprived of every right and were forced to work all day.

Krishna who was very upset, marched to the king’s castle. The castle was studded with all kinds of precious stones and he couldn’t keep his eyes off from gazing at its grandeur and spectacular opulence. He transformed himself into a subservient snake and went towards the serpent king who was sitting comfortably over a huge chair.

“Greetings my sire. As a citizen of the serpent world, I demand equal rights for me and my community. We cannot walk on the same street, eat in the same restaurant, and take admission in the same universities as our bright colored counterparts. I demand you to provide us equal rights so that we can become self-sufficient and contribute for the society,” said Krishna.

“How dare a lowly creature like you enter the palace. Guards, hold him captive and award him with 50 lashes on his back,” hissed the king serpent.

As soon as the guards held Krishna, he revealed his divine form. The serpent king immediately got off from his throne and surrendered in front of Krishna, the supreme Lord.

“Pardon me Oh Lord. I will never mistreat anyone. I will not discriminate between my subjects and will provide equal rights to all of them. I promise to transform my kingdom into an ideal society where everyone will be free to do anything”, cried the serpent king.

The great Lord Krishna, blessed the serpent king and told him to remember the promises that he made.

Thus, all the snakes sang praises for the Lord and danced the whole day.

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