One day Krishna and his friends were playing throwball in the playground. Suddenly a gust of wind came from nowhere and it carried away the ball along with it.
Each one of them began to run behind to catch the ball but couldn’t. As luck may have it, the ball fell inside the pond and everyone began to cry.

Krishna as usual smiled and promised them to bring back the ball. Without wasting any time, he jumped inside the pond. As soon as he dived, he spotted the ball and made his way across to grab it. 

As soon as he touched the ball, he saw a bask of crocodiles approaching him. A moment later, he was surrounded by hundreds of them. Krishna didn’t care; he picked up the ball and began swimming back to his friends. 

One of the crocodiles leapt upon him but got a severe blow on his head. Then another crocodile darted towards him to bite with his sharp claws but Krishna punched its teeth so hard that they fell out of it’s mouth.

Seeing all his soldiers being brutally and shamefully defeated by the dark skinned kid, the king of the crocodiles decided to teach Krishna a lesson.

It jumped out of the pond, took out a sceptre and projected a beam towards Krishna’s friends. As soon as they came in contact with the beam, a big cage appeared out of nowhere and all of them were trapped inside it. The King crocodile laughed like a monster much to Krishna’s chagrin. Krishna immediately summoned his divine weapon, Sudarshan Chakra, which cut off the giant box in two halves and then the king crocodile’s sceptre as well.

The king crocodile was scared to death. He dived into the pond with his fellows and was never seen again.

Everybody cheered for Krishna and they handed over their pots of butter to him to express their reverance.

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