Once there was a cheerful and jolly girl named Kavita. She was a helpful as well as an intelligent kid. She not only assisted her mother in carrying water pots from the well back to her home but also helped other kids with their homework.

After acing her secondary class examinations, she was called by the king and felicitated for her efforts and hard work. She was also given a scholarship to support her higher studies.

Everything was going smoothly until one day when her mother received a severe heart attack and died. Kavita was heartbroken and cried for the whole day. She didn’t step out of her house for the next week. Everyone including her friends and teachers were worried about her and one day they decided to pay her a visit.

All of them were shocked to hear about the demise of Kavita’s mother. They tried to comfort her in order to bring her out of the trauma but all their efforts went in vain. Only a month remained for the final exams but she didn’t attend any of the revision lectures. Finally her friends and teachers approached Krishna and asked him to sort the situation.

Krishna accepted their demand and he went to meet Kavita.

Kavita was sitting in the garden. Her eyes were swollen and tears were rolling down her cheeks.

‘What happened Kavita?,’ asked Krishna with a gentle smile across his face.

She quickly wiped her tears and somehow managed to bring a fake smile across her lips.

‘I am fine Krishna. How are you doing?,’ Kavita asked.

‘As always, playing the flute. But you don’t look fine to me,’ smiled Krishna.

‘I’m sad over the sudden demise of my mother. She made me laugh at times when I was sad, she advised and guided me whenever I needed it the most, she hugged me everyday and most importantly she motivated me at times when I felt depressed. But unfortunately, I don’t have her anymore with me. I don’t want to live anymore Krishna. I will commit suicide so that I can reunite with her forever,’ said Kavita with tears rolling down from her cheeks.

‘Let me tell you the crux of life dear. Life is not about how long a person lives rather what she does in the time period assigned to her by the almighty. Every mortal who takes birth has to die either today or tomorrow. Wise people do not repent on such losses rather they try to relay the thoughts of their idols and bring people on the right track. They act as torchbearers for the society and guide them to pursue activities that benefit the society as a whole,’ said Krishna.

‘I know but there are so many people in the world. Why did he only chose my mother? She was so devotional and prayed twice a day. There are so many people including me who do not pray even once a day,’ sobbed Kavita. ‘There is no purpose to my existence. I do not want to live an aimless and cluttered life where there is no one to look upon. I cannot take this burden anymore. I quit Krishna, I quit!!!’ groaned Kavita.

As soon as Kavita was about to leave the garden, she heard a very familiar voice. She turned around only to see her mother waiting to hug her.

‘Come my child,’ called out her mother with her arms spread to give her daughter a big hug. For a few seconds, Kavita couldn’t believe what she saw and stood their like a stone. She blenched and struggled to regain her composure and ran towards her mother only to cry like a baby.

‘It’s ok my child. Cry as much as you want but make sure that this is the last time you do so. You need to grow up into a strong lady and support the needy. You need to create a positive environment and do something constructive for the society. You cannot give up so easily. Promise me that you will never cry and always stand up for your cause,’ said Kavita’s mother.

‘I promise you maa. I will never get depressed and bog down before any problem. I will fight them until they are solved. I will grow up into a tough lady and reform the society. I will not let your ideals perish. I will keep them alive within me and spread them in the society,’ said Kavita with a broad smile across her face.

‘That’s like my girl. I will always keep a watch over you and will be there with you whenever you feel lonely. Now get going and never look back my child,’ said Kavita’s mother and suddenly vanished.

‘Did you see my mother Krishna?’ Kavita asked in excitement.

‘No Kavita. Why are you sounding so weird?’

‘She was right here. We talked for so long and even hugged each other. How did you not see her?’.

‘May be she came only to meet you. But what did she discuss with you?,’ asked Krishna with a gentle smile.

‘She said that life projects many problems but one should never give up. One should never lose hope and try until he succeeds. And I am going to do just that. I have got a new mission in my life and I will not back off until I complete it. I will no longer repent on my mother’s loss rather I will fulfill her dream of creating a better society. Goodbye Krishna,’ said Kavita with a flare in her eyes. She got up from the chair in the park and ran away to her home.

‘Where are you going Kavita?’ asked Krishna.

‘I got to study a lot for the upcoming examination. Meet you tomorrow in college,’ squealed Kavita.

Thus, Krishna played his flute and returned to his home.

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