Once upon a time there lived a monkey atop a tall tree who made friends with the crocodile that lived in the lake. The tree bore delicious apples which the monkey would regularly pluck and give them to the crocodile. One day it so happened that the crocodile carried few apples to his home and gave them to his wife. She liked it so much that she asked him to bring the monkey’s heart.
“Why do you want his heart?” asked the crocodile.

“Just think over it. If the apple is so tasty then think how delicious would his heart be?”said his wife.

The crocodile thought for a moment and accepted his wife’s demand.

Next day when he met the monkey, he said “yesterday my wife tasted the apple and she just loved it. She asked me to invite you for dinner. Please come along with me in the evening.”

The monkey accepted the offer and dreamt about the delicious sweets that he would eat at night.

“Come on friend. The sun is about to set. Let’s leave before it’s too dark,” said the crocodile.

“But how will I come along with you? I do not know how to swim,” said the monkey.

“You can sit over my back and I will carry you along with me,” said the crocodile.

The monkey jumped onto the back of the crocodile and set comfortably over it.

During the journey, the monkey said “thanks a lot Mr.crocodile for inviting me to have dinner with you and your family.” 

Suddenly the crocodile began to laugh and said “We are not going to have dinner, you fool. Instead we will kill you and eat your heart.”

The monkey was scared to death and didn’t know what to do. Suddenly he got an idea and said “You should have told this to me earlier because I left my heart on the tree. So, even if you cut me, you will not be able to eat my heart.”

“Really? How can you be such a fool? Now, how will we eat your heart?” said the crocodile.

“You can Mr. crocodile. Take me back to the tree and I will bring my heart along with me,” said the monkey.

“That’s a good idea,” said the crocodile and swam back to the forest.

After reaching the forest, the monkey got off the crocodile’s back and climbed atop the tree. After waiting for half an hour, the crocodile called out the monkey, “I can’t wait any longer. Come fast.”

“Do you really think I will come back so that you can kill me and eat my heart? I am no longer your friend and I will never give you those delicious apples again.”


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