Once upon a time there was a gigantic banyan tree on the outskirts of a village. It was home to different birds and provided shade to those travelers who took rest underneath it.

Once a fowler while on his way back home, spotted the tree and decided to take rest for a while. As soon as he came under the tree, he was amazed to see so many birds. He immediately set up his net and threw a handful of grains on the ground. Fortunately, a hummingbird spotted the trap and informed all the other birds about it.

At this time, a flock of doves who were migrating to far of land saw the grains. They decided to continue their journey after eating them. But as soon as they landed on the ground, they were trapped under the net.

On hearing the loud cry of the doves, the fowler who was hiding behind the tree ran to catch them.

The leader of the doves thought of a plan and shared it with his fellows.

“If all of us try to fly then we can carry the net along with us into the sky and save ourselves from the fowler.”

Without wasting a second, all the doves began fluttering their wings as fast as possible and they rose above the ground along with the net. After reaching a considerable height, they dropped the net and flew away to their destination.


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