A tortoise and a pair of geese were very good friends. Once upon a time it so happened that the forest where they lived was affected by a draught and the dry spell continued for a long time.

Due to intense heat and humidity, when the last lake of the forest also dried, they planned to leave their home and travel in search of a new lake. But since the tortoise couldn’t fly, the pair of geese thought of a clever plan.

They asked the tortoise to grab the middle part of the stick while they would hold it’s either end. They asked the tortoise to not open it’s mouth under any circumstance or it would fall on the ground. The tortoise agreed and they began their journey.

While they were flying, someone on the ground shouted “look, a flying tortoise.”

When the tortoise heard all the animals laughing at him he got infuriated and said “why are all of you laughing at me?” and as luck may have it, it came crashing to the ground. Fortunately, the tortoise was saved why it’s thick shell.

After regaining its composure, the tortoise thought “if only I had kept my mouth shut, I would have reached the lake by now” and thus began it’s solo journey to find the lake.


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