Once upon a time there was a washer man who used to wash the clothes of everyone living in the village. Days passed on and his business grew due to which it became difficult for him to carry a lot of clothes from the river to his home and back.

Thus he bought a donkey from the market who could help him to carry the burden.

Daily after returning to home, the man gave a bag full of grains and hay to the donkey to feed. After a year of eating the same thing again and again, the donkey was bored and decided to go to the nearby field to eat the fresh grass.

One day, the donkey woke up early in the morning and went to the field. He ate as much as he could and returned before his master would wake up. After some days, the donkey made friends with a fox. Both of them ate the carrots and watermelons that the villagers had grown on the field.

The donkey was so happy that he started to sing loudly.

‘Do not sing so loud or the villagers will come and throw sticks and stones over us,’ said the fox.

But the donkey didn’t listen and continued singing loudly. The villagers woke up and rushed to the field to check out. They were astonished to see the donkey eating vegetables and singing songs.

Seeing their produce being eaten up by the donkey, they couldn’t control their anger and started picking up sticks and stones to hit him. The fox jumped over the fence before the villagers could throw anything and made his way out while the donkey stood in the middle of the field, singing at the top of his voice.


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