Once there were two girls who used to gossip a lot. One day, there class teacher caught them talking during the lecture and punished them. Even after repeated warnings and punishment, they continued to talk.

One day, the class teacher held a meeting with the class monitors and asked them to help her in bringing the two girls under discipline. The class monitors knew their classmates very well and thus formed a strategy in order to teach them a lesson.

Next day as soon as the teacher entered the class, all the students got up from their seats and wished her good morning except those two girls who were lost in their world. The class teacher distributed sheets and wrote ten questions on the blackboard.

“The marks that you receive in this test will be added in your final marksheet,”said the class teacher.

Both the talkative girls were shocked. They got up from the seat and went straight away to have a talk with the class teacher.

“We didn’t know about the test ma’am and haven’t prepared for it. Please postpone it for tomorrow,” said the two girls.

“How is that possible? Each and every student knows about it. I had emailed about the test to everyone and also shared it on our Facebook and WhatsApp group. I am pretty sure that both of you would have been chatting with each other the whole day and which is why you didn’t have the time to read the message,” said the teacher.

“Accept our apologies ma’am. This will never happen again. Please postpone the test for tomorrow,” said the two girls.

“No, enough is enough. I had warned both of you umpteenth times but you didn’t pay any attention to it. Only when both of you fail will you not gossip and concentrate more on studies,”said the teacher.

Seeing no rescue, they went back to their seat and cried the whole day.

Next day the class teacher was amazed to see that both the girls sat on different benches and talked only during the lunch time. This way they concentrated more on their studies and scored well.


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