Once upon a time a corrupt political party took over the reigns of the government. They increased the taxes abruptly and also forced people to convert to a particular religion. Moreover, they punished those who did not follow their agenda and didn’t accept their demands.

One day a journalist wrote a detailed article about the corrupt practices and intolerance of the government and posted it on many blogs. He also shared it across various social networking sites so as to maximize his reach.

As expected the blog spread like fire and became the news of the hour. Every news channel conducted debates over his article. The government officials called an urgent meeting and decided to kill the journalist.

Next day, when the journalist was leaving his house, three men came from nowhere and shot him dead. Hearing the journalist’s cry, his neighbours came out and were terrified to see him lying upon a pool of blood. One of them called an ambulance and took him to the nearest hospital.

The doctors tried their best but couldn’t save the journalist. As soon as people got to know about the untimely death of the journalist, there was a public outrage. Day by day more people accumulated on the streets until it became impossible for the police to stop them.

All of them demanded the corrupt government to immediately resign from the office. The government somehow controlled the mob for a few days but gave up after a week.

Thus, the elections were reconducted and this time an honest, corruption free, and a socially responsible political party came to power.


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