Once there were five friends who used to play all day long. They did not pay attention in the class and never completed their homework. Moreover, they did not started studying even when the exam time table was issued and everyone including their classmates, teachers and parents had given up on them. But surprisingly all five of them aced their exams and claimed the first five ranks in their class.

Everybody was shocked and thought them to be very intelligent. They received accolades from their teachers and principal and became idols for other students.

Years passed on and they topped each class. Finally they reached the tenth standard but still there was no change in their conduct. All of them played for the whole year and didn’t study a word. Finally the board exams began. Luckily all of them got adjacent seats which helped them execute their devious plan with ease.

They took out small chits and bits of paper that contained answers to all the questions of the subject and passed on to each other. And in this way they cleared all their exams.

On the day when the results were declared, a footage went viral on the news channels, social networking sites and the Internet. The footage was two minutes long and showed how the five boys cheated during every exam. Fortunately they were not caught by the invigilators but couldn’t escape from the hidden cameras that were installed all across the classroom.

Thus all of them were arrested and were sent to the jail.


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