Once upon a time there were three friends, Ravish, Amit and Saransh who studied in the same class. One day Ravish borrowed hundred rupees from Saransh for purchasing a book and promised to return him in a month’s time. To repay the money, he woke up early every morning and distributed newspapers in his locality. On the last day of the month he bought hundred rupees but was shocked to know that Saransh had fallen ill and would not be attending the class for the remaining week.

‘Hi Amit. Can you please do me a favor?’ asked Ravish.

‘Sure. What do I need to do?’ asked Amit.

‘Last week I had borrowed hundred rupees from Saransh and I promised to return it to him by the end of the month. But I got to know that he is sick and would not be attending the school for the whole week,’ said Ravish.

‘Yes, he is suffering from malaria. As far as the money is concerned, I can surely help you by handing it over to him as both of us are neighbors and we regularly visit each other’s home,’ told Amit.

‘That’s great. Thanks a ton Amit,’ said Ravish happily while handing him the hundred rupees note.

Later in the evening after returning to his home, Ravish called up Saransh and enquired about his health and about the money.

‘What are you talking about Ravish?’ asked Saransh.

‘Don’t you remember that you gave me hundred rupees last month for buying a book,’ said Saransh.

‘Yes I remember that but you do not need to return it to me,’ said Saransh.

‘You are a true gentleman Saransh but please accept it,’ said Ravish.

‘Ok if you say so dear. I will take the money back next week when I return to school,’ said Saransh.

Ravish was shocked. ‘Didn’t Amit gave you the money back?’ asked Ravish.

‘No. He came here an hour ago but didn’t give me anything,’ told Ravish.

‘How can he do this? I gave him the money and he promised me to hand it over to you,’ said Ravish who was literally shocked.

‘Can you please come to my home. I will call Amit and we both will enquire about it,’ told Saransh.

‘Please send me your address and I will come right away,’ said Ravish.

Upon reaching his home, all three of them had snacks and then Saransh asked Amit politely ‘Did Ravish give hundred rupees to you today?’

Amit was in utter shock and didn’t know what to respond. He said a blatant lie that Ravish hadn’t given him any money in order to escape from the situation. Ravish, who was listening to the conversation entered the room after Amit completed his talk and gave him a stern look. Amit’s eyes were bulging out of their sockets as he was unaware of Ravish’s presence.

Ravish thrashed Amit and both of them asked him to leave the house.


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