Once a group of engineers created an advanced robot. Along with powerful sensors and mobility, it had an artificial brain on account of which it had creative and intellectual capabilities. In a few months it learned various languages, sciences and art forms  and also invented a lot of things.

After a few years it became the most intelligent entity on the planet and since it had a metallic body, it was pretty strong. Slowly and steadily it became egoistic and stopped helping and assisting the humans around it. Instead, it secretly built various weapons, missiles and replicated itself into many more subservient robots.

After a few years it raged war upon humans that led to huge loss of life and property. The leaders across the world pleaded it to stop ruining and shattering the world peace but it didn’t.

Fortunately, the engineers who designed the robot had also created a physical remote to control the robot in case it ever went insane. Since there was no way out, one of the engineer pressed the ‘dismantle’ button on the remote and every part including the hands, legs and head were detached from the robot’s body instantly.

Thus came an end to its destruction and the peace was restored.


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