Once upon a time there were two kids, Saransh and Amar, who played in the community ground. They played various games like cricket and football and ran all over the ground.

After a few days, Saransh invited Amar along with his parents for his birthday. Amar wished Saransh and both of them went off to play in Saransh’s room.

While their parents were having dinner in the living room, a loud cracking sound came from Saransh’s room. Their parents got up from their chairs and ran inside the room where they were awestruck on finding the shattered pieces of the tube light. After searching for a while they found the boys hiding below the bed.

‘What happened Saransh. How did the tube light burst?’ asked his mother.

‘We were playing catch. Amar threw the ball high up in the air and it hit the tube light due to which it shattered into pieces,’ said Saransh with tears flowing out through his eyes.

Amar’s father couldn’t control his anger and thrashed his son tightly on his cheeks. As a result he hid behind his mother and began crying loudly.

From that day onwards Amar was very scared of his father and he tried to avoid any confrontation with him.

One day it so happened that he forgot to do his homework. His teacher grew so angry that she immediately called his father and asked him to come to school. Finding no way out, Amar ran to the rooftop and jumped from the building. And as luck may have it, he came crashing down and died on the spot.


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