Once upon a time there a boy, Nikhil, who along with his friends, went for tracking. 

While climbing one of the mountains, they saw a large cave and decided to rest there for the night.

When every one was sleeping, Nikhil woke up and went out in the open. While he was walking, he found a wooden chest glittering under a tree. 

Nikhil was awe-struck. He had heard quite a few stories about magical chests full of gold scattered all around the mountain valley.

Nikhil ran towards the tree and picked up the chest box. To his surprise, he also saw a line that read “Do not open the box until it stops glittering”.

Nikhil brought the box back to the cave and kept it at one of it’s corner. He then slept along with his friends hoping that the box would stop glittering till the next day.

When Nikhil’s friends woke up the next morning, they were surprised to see the glittering chest box.

‘Where did you find it Nikhil?,’ asked one of his friends.

‘Under a tree.’

‘Oh! But we shouldn’t open it as per the instructions inscribed over it.’

‘Yes. I hope it stops glittering as soon as possible so that we can see what lies in there for us.’

After a while they packed their bags and decided to go ahead. Days passed on and they were about to complete their journey but the chest box still glittered magnificently.

One day, Nikhil’s curiosity took the best of him and he opened the chest box. Out came all sorts of fire breathing dragons and fiery monsters who ate Nikhil and his friends.


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