Once upon a time there was a man who could understand the whispers of fates. He used to sit at a secluded place and write down prophecies on banana leaves. Almost all his prophecies would turn out to be true at some time or the other. The people living in the village trusted him more than themselves. The only problem was that the man wrote the prophecies in riddles that were difficult to comprehend.

One day, a rich couple was passing through the same village. They had heard about the prophet and wanted to test him. Upon reaching him, they asked him to prophesize about the time the pregnant wife would bear a child.

‘When the sun shines bright and the moon is pale, when the fiery little eyes would burn and sail,’ said the prophet.

The couple mocked the prophet and went off.

One day while the couple were cruising off the Mumbai coast, the wife suddenly suffered from labor pain. The husband looked around and shouted out for help. Fortunately there was a gynecologist who helped the wife in delivering the baby. Everyone rejoiced and shouted out in excitement when they saw the new born baby.

Some people who were making sausages on a stove distributed it among all and they celebrated the moment.

The husband went out and was surprised to see that the sun was shining brightly in the sky and the ship was embellished with frills that looked like stars and moons. He looked around and found a stove that was emanating red hot flames. The husband couldn’t believe that the prophecy made by the prophet was actually true.

After a few days, the couple decided to visit the same place but as luck may have it, they didn’t find the prophet. Instead they found an orphanage. The couple met the principal of the orphanage and asked him about the whereabouts of the prophet. The principal told them that he was none other than the founder of the orphanage and had gone far deep into the forest to meditate for the rest of his life.

The couple decided to fund the education of all the kids living in the orphanage and then they went off to live happily.


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