Once upon a time there was a wicked God who ruled over the cosmos. One day while having a discussion with other minor gods, he asked them to create subservient entities who would pray to him and serve him.

Thus the minor gods collected huge heaps of clay and carved out mortals whom they called human beings.

The God was highly impressed when he saw the humans praying to him and offering him various kinds of gifts. But being wicked, he created arduous laws, failing which, the humans would be given eternal punishments.

One day it so happened that a human wasn’t able to follow the rules laid down by the God which made him so angry that he made his fields unfertile due to which he could never cultivate crops and thus lived in poverty forever.

After following such arduous laws and leading a strenuous life for a few centuries, the humans thought that they wouldn’t pray and offer gifts to the wicked God. Thus after much deliberation, they completely abandoned him. The wicked God couldn’t control his anger and decided to teach them a lesson.

He hurled thunderbolts and inundated their homes. Their caravans and fields were deluged by the heavy rains. Suddenly a young man with a divine personality approached the humans. He created a yellow sphere around him and asked all the humans to enter it.

After all of them went inside the yellow sphere of energy, they elevated above the ground and shot off to the stars. In a matter of a few seconds, they left the entire universe. The young divine man obliterated the universe and created a new one for the humans with no arduous laws to follow rather it was their karma or actions that would decide their fate.

All the humans rejoiced, cheered and lived their life happily.


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