Once there were five teams of ten students each who were to submit their final year engineering project in a month. But none of them was able to think of a good and valuable topic.

All except one team was determined to come up with something extraordinary so they didn’t give up. They searched the internet extensively and after substantial research, they zeroed on making solar powered roads.

Without wasting any time, they started developing prototypes one after the other. Initially they failed a lot of times but they refused to give up. They continued with the same spirit and kept on trying until they finally succeeded in coming up with a working prototype.

The solar powered roads that they built were able to provide energy to the vehicles running upon them. Moreover, they were able to automatically suck the dirt on the road and melt the ice formed upon the surface of the road during winters. In addition to it, they provided free energy to the nearby houses that saved a lot of money.

Finally on the day of submission, all the teams submitted their failed prototypes except the team that built a working prototype of the solar powered road. They not only received appreciation from their teachers and guide but also got a $2 Million funding from a renowned company working in the field of solar power.



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